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Prince Ikan is Heir Apparent Prince of the Kingdom of Iluji where an ancient spell cast a mighty cloud to hover in the sky of the Kingdom so that the sun does not shine on the land. To make the spell of darkness go away, kings traditionally offer slave girls in a 'grand sacrifice' to the gods of the land, but none had ever been successful.
By the bank of the river called the King's Flow, Ikan meets Sarie, a slave girl on the verge of committing a grave offence but could not resist her charm and begins to nurse the idea of a secret affair. Any romantic relationship between a slave girl and a freeborn is a taboo punished by hanging the slave girl. The Prince and the slave would hope the darkness will hide them while he swears to protect her with his life.
When a prophecy comes from the priests that Ikan will be the prince to bring sunlight to Iluji, he finds himself in a deathly dilemma. He must sacrifice Sarie to the gods and accomplish the highest glory or see the darkness continue forever and the dynasty's collapse.


Michael and Lynda fall in love on the first day they set eyes on each other as fresh men in the University of Lagos. But low self esteem, misplaced priorities and pride causes them to instantly deny it in their hearts. They would not even bring themselves to admit an attraction so obvious to everyone else.
In a lengthy emotional hide and seek, they go their separate ways but never succeed to stop their hearts from calling for each other. They go into different relationships, pursued separate successful careers, but the farther apart they travel, the more their hearts bleed in search for each other.
Fate played its role in bringing them together again in several instances but the stubbornness of their heads, Lynda’s self pride and David’s broken past keep coming in the way and ruining what should be a perfect romantic reunion.


In the small and peaceful town of Amaife, a psychopath begins to rape and kill young girls. Because the community is so small, the villagers cannot control their panick, knowing whoever is doing this must be someone everyone knows and knows everyone, so no one is safe. Osi, a young pastor on a revival mission comes along with his team of young ministers and experienced more deaths first hand.
Osi is provoked into playing village detective. His youthful zeal, blended with a crush on the village hottie and an honest passion of finding jutice for the victims and closure for ther families, Osi would put his life on the line to find the devil behind the killings, but little did Osi know that the devil has plan for him too.


Sorrows of Udi is an Afro-epic fantasy thriller novel series set in 13th century Igbo kingdom of Udi.
A young princess who must abandon a normal life and a forbidden romance with a childhood lover for the goddess duties at the shrine while her best friend plots to become the next queen by all means necessary including seducing all the males in line of succession of the throne, a little witch who broke loose from the custody of the council of witch doctors and threatening to cause havoc on the kingdom, an ambitious witch doctor risking the safety of the kingdom for a chance to be the most powerful witch doctor in Udi history, a psycho serial killer attacking young girls who remind him of his weaknesses and a prince who plans to steal the throne from his father, all weighing in on palace politics while the king and his council have to worry about an army or Arochukwu warriors marching up the hill in their historic quest to expand the Arochukwu Empire. Sorrows of Udi is a multi-plot story now adapted into a comic series and an animated web series which has been screened in several international film festivals in London, New York, Italy, Bulgaria and Nigeria.


In 2010, Joseph Dahr, a middle aged ex-soldier attempts to rescue his wife and son who are abducted from his eastern DR Congo village by Joseph Kony’s LRA, all he has is a rusty rifle he can use and an old friend he can trust.
Dahr believes Rosa and Joe Junior would not have been abducted had he taken them to Kinshasa as Rosa had begged him to. He would hence, not forgive himself unless he brings them home by any means. He summarizes his mission in a dialogue with Hussein thus, “I am not an idiot. I know the dangers in what I am about to do, but it is the only way I can live with myself.” He relies upon Hussein, a US spy, to arm him with intels on the LRA. Hussein on his own has what he believes is a perfect plan to finish Kony but believes his superiors in Langley would not buy it or didn't care enough about his mission. He decides teaming up with Dahr is the only way he could conclude his task and go home. Along the road of gathering intelligence and weapons for his big showdown with the LRA, Dahr meets and inspires other men who equally have personal reasons to take a fight to the LRA. Consequently, the burden of leading an army of distraught men while keeping his eyes on the goal now has to be added to his many troubles.


Naked Coin follows the travails of an Igbo family in the era of the Biafra War who though lived outside the Biafra land were nonetheless affected by the tribal strife and patriotic overzealousness surrounding the pre-war years and its antebellum.
Ikenna’s family found wealth; they lost it all and would be driven to search for it again by all means. Ikenna found love before the war, he did foolish things for it and counts on love to see him through the horrid times as they ran from jungles to villages and back to jungles running away from war zones and deaths.
In the end, deaths caught up with them, penury did too, love failed them, and an assumed brotherhood betrayed them.
Ikenna and his family, or what is left of it must relearn to forge new survival paths around the same things that punished them; family, money and love.


Being the sole survivor of the annihilation of his platoon by a group of militants in the Niger-Delta, Lieutenant Diogu returns to the headquarters and after his debriefing was flagged in regard to his mental condition. His field report–everything he believed that happened at the attack is said to be unrealistic and was rejected. He solves all the memory tests that prove he’s not suffering from schizophrenic psychosis, but to his surprise he’s still not reinstated, not until a terrorist attack force his superiors to deploy him. At the end of the operation, Diogu is charged with the murder of two innocent children. But he’s not tried according to law, rather assigned to a mission he might not return.

A day before the mission, Lieutenant Theodore Diogu guns down a terrorist at the funeral procession of the fallen soldiers, who attempted the assassination of the President. Theodore receives a presidential invitation to the State House. One night in Aso Villa, Lieutenant Diogu is acquainted with a classified information beyond his pay grade that made him a target of both international espionage missions as well as local power tussle players in the government.


When civil unrest broke out in Damakuli, Dami and her Youth Corps colleagues find themselves lost and stranded in the vast Sahara jungle. She begins to lose her friends one after the other to angry mob protesters and deadly beasts. If she must go home to her widowed mother in one piece, she must find the shortest route to the nearest civilization before whatever is after her finds her.


New to Phoenix Aademy, Ifenna Ifediora faces a losing battle with peer pressure and bullies. Not only that, she has to cope with academic burdens -a struggle she is already losing. She also faces lots of struggles at home; she fights to gain the approval of her father, regain the love of her mother and earn the acceptance of her sibling. In all these, her battle with low self esteem is epic. As if these were not enough, a nagging voice in her head would not stop telling her to take her life. It was looking more and more like the best idea as days went by. It would end all the sufferings or at least make everyone else see how wrong they have been treating her. After looking at all the wrong places for love, one she had been blind to beckons louder and if she would only embrace it and accept it as love in its purest form, it would be her chance to a life of peace and success. Will she?


In an easy to follow style, Chukwuebuka Onyia uses both salient and obvious elements of the popular game of football to drive home life lessons which are capable of saving anyone’s life and help them achieve a fulfilled life; setting goals, smashing them, being a team player, making sacrifices, keeping a calm head, maintaining focus, and many other factors that make life easy.
From start to finish, How Football Saved My Life is a book that inspires and uplifts.


Living for a Purpose is not just a guide to a life of purpose; it is an achiever’s compendium. It takes the reader through a simple yet thorough lessons aided with wise quotes and nuggets of how a life can be structured around a solid purpose which will without fail result in a fulfilling lifetime.
Anchoring on the unquestionable premise that the primary key to success in any given endevour as is with life in general is to first of all be clear on purpose. And after that, never losing focus of same, the writer went on to teach and discuss practical ways of keeping focus on purpose and the importance of that.
Living for a Purpose is a must read for any young person or even old who still wants to achieve a great feat on earth.


Autobiography of septuagenarian, Charles Okenyi.
If Not for God is like experiencing seven roller-coaster decades within the time it takes to read a book and in the end come out with a bunch of wisdom money cannot buy. Charles Okenyi in telling us the wonderful story of his life in the courageous way he has has so graciously allowed us to see the world through his eyes in a way many of us might never have the opportunity to.



This is Anyasi's collection of poems containing over eighty poems of diverse styles; Sonnets, rhymed and non-rhymed, versed and unversed, touching topics ranging from hope, love, romance, sex, politics, current affairs, religion, etc.